Need Tree Stump Removal in Sunshine Coast? Here’s Why You Should Use a Stump Grinder Machine Hire

There are many reasons you might require tree and stump removal in Sunshine Coast. Perhaps there is a dead or dying tree on your property that poses a threat to your home or other nearby buildings. Alternatively, maybe you are preparing a piece of land for a building project and need to eliminate any potential obstructions. In any case, if you require tree and stump removal, Hillside Tractors can help.

Stump Removal and the Advantages of Stump Grinding

Often, tree removal focuses just on the tree itself. For instance, if you call a company to cut down a dangerous tree in your yard, they may well remove the tree and leave the stump. While the stump might look cool at first – especially if the age rings are visible for you to count – the fact is that leaving the stump is dangerous. Tree stumps can become breeding grounds for poisonous fungi or other unwanted guests. In Australia, the big risk is termites, which often take up residence in tree stumps’and then spread to nearby houses.

As such, whenever you need to remove a tree, you should also make a point of removing the stump. If you need to remove a stump, meanwhile, the best way to do it is through a stump grinder hire in Sunshine Coast.

There are two general strategies you can use to remove a stump. The first involves digging up the stump and its root system and hauling it away from your property. This strategy does effectively get rid of the stump and ensures that it won’t keep growing or spreading its roots. Unfortunately, it also leaves a gaping hole in the ground.

Hiring a stump removal machine in Sunshine Coast is a way to get rid of a tree stump without effectively creating a crater in your yard. A stump grinder essentially ‘eats’ your tree stump and turns it into wood chips. Not only does the process eliminate the stump, but it also gives you woodchips that you can use for mulch in your garden or landscaping projects.

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If you need a powerful stump removal machine in Sunshine Coast, look no further than Hillside Tractors. We have a terrific tractor attachment from Plaisance that works as a perfect stump grinder. In addition to mulching the stump itself, this grinder works deep into the underlying soils to reach the root system and remove that as well. The grinder can work down to 50 centimetres, mulching stump and roots alike and preparing the soil at the site for agricultural use.

When it comes to tree and stump removal in Sunshine Coast, it’s important not to forget about the tree stump. While it might seem harmless at first, that stump can pose a hazard to your property, your house and your family. Mulching it now with a grinder from Hillside Tractors will allow you to avoid these risks. Contact us directly to learn more.