Make Landscaping Easier with a Steep Slope Mower in Brisbane

Landscaping can be extremely arduous, especially if you own acres of land or work in the farming industry. Homeowners with small gardens can cut their grass with ease using a standard lawn mower, but they’re not very adept at treating vast areas of land. If you want to mow a large garden on a relatively regular basis to keep the lawn trim, you should be okay with a rather small mower that you can drive. However, if vast swaths of your land are overgrown with long grass, weeds, and difficult-to-cut shrubbery, you will need more specialist equipment. The real challenge comes when you need to do some landscaping on sleep slopes.

Fortunately, you can buy appropriate machinery to make steep slope landscaping much easier. A steep slope mower in Brisbane may be just what you need to cut through tough shrubbery in hard to reach places, and there are many add-ons, such as mulchers and scrub claws, that allow you to complete a variety of tasks. However, when buying such vital equipment, you need to know that the provider’s products are safe and built specifically for landscaping slopes. Conventional tractors and mowers are not appropriate for landscaping at difficult gradients, but purpose built steep slope mowers in Brisbane are perfect for such a job.

At Hillside Tractors, we’ve been sourcing specialist equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in Europe since 2004, and all our customers can attest to the quality of our products. The fact that we specialise in equipment for slopes means we can offer an unrivalled level of customer service and professionalism in this niche field. Additionally, we manufacture a variety of add-on tractor accessories ourselves because we know from experience what you need to complete landscaping tasks efficiently. Below, this article will look at what separates a conventional mower from a Brisbane steep slope mower.

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If you use conventional mowers to landscape slopes, you’ll be putting both yourself and your equipment at risk from an accident. Conventional mowers just aren’t manufactured to work on steep slopes, but our mowers are ideally suited to the job. Here’s what makes steep slope mowers different.

  • They’re built to work on angles – Most mowers are made to work on almost flat land whereas steep slope mowers are purposely built to remain stable regardless of the gradient of land. If you know what you’re doing, you can feel confident you’ll be safe always.
  • They often use different accessories – Many conventional tractors use add-on slashers to cut through tough grass and shrubbery. However, slashers feature vertical blades which aren’t good for stability on slopes. Mulchers, with horizontal blades on an axis, are much more appropriate.
  • They’re cost-effective – When you think of how much time you’ll save with a purpose-built steel slope mower, they’re a worthy addition to your collection of landscaping equipment.

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