Scrub Mulchers, Land Clearing Mulchers and Other Industrial Mulchers: The Ideal Option for Hillside Tractors

At Hillside Tractors Australia, our focus as a business has always been on selling tractors for use on slopes. Most tractors are designed for flat land, and while they work wonderfully well for that purpose, they run into problems on hillsides. By focusing on the hillside niche, we are able to cover a traditionally underserved side of the Australian agricultural community. When it comes to tractor mulchers, we can also assist farmers in finding options that are ideal for hillside use.

Mulchers vs Slashers: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to land clearing, cleaning up bush scrub, cutting grass or eradicating other unwanted growth, farmers generally have two options: mulchers or slashers. At Hillside Tractors Australia, we focus on the industrial mulcher because they are the superior option for hillside tractors.

A slasher has a vertical access shaft, which is essentially two blades that rotate on a vertical access. Mulchers, on the other hand, are typically equipped with 20 or more blades which rotate on a horizontal axis. For stability and balance—especially on a slope—the mulcher’s design makes it the better choice. While you can use a slasher with a hillside tractor, you will almost always experience lesser results. Mulchers, in addition to providing some much-needed stability to counteract the precarious nature of the slope, also make the tractor more maneuverable. Between the horizontal axis and the side shift feature that the common tractor mulcher will have—which enable operators to move the mulcher to the left or the right—mulchers are much better at getting into tighter spots on a slope.

A scrub mulcher and land clearing mulchers also offer some benefits that are universal, whether you are mulching on a hillside or not. For instance, because they have more blades, mulchers chop grass, scrub or other vegetation considerably finer than a slasher can, and they also leave it more evenly spread.

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We offer tractors specifically for sloped ground. We specialise in tractors for slopes which is quite a niche area and this is a big point of difference. We don’t sell conventional tractors, only hillside tractors. Therefore, we have a lot of expertise in this area. Not only does this feature look tidier, but it is also healthier for farming pastures because it encourages more even regrowth.

Shop with Hillside Tractors Australia to Find the Best Industrial Mulcher for Slopes

Bottom line, at Hillside Tractors Australia, we believe that mulchers are a better option than slashers in every way. Especially if you are looking for a mulcher that is ideal for use on slopes, we are the right place to shop. Even if you are just in the market for a standard scrub mulcher or land clearing mulcher, though, you can trust us to help you find the ideal tool. We will even let you give your mulcher a test drive before you buy. Our location, on 50 acres of farmland, makes us one of the best places in Australia to try out tractors and tractor equipment before making a commitment to buy. Contact us to plan a visit.