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Productivity and profitability prove intrinsically linked – with every wasted hour translating into equally wasted profits. The completion of every task, therefore, is crucial for your company. The sudden loss of a mulcher, therefore, leaves you frustrated, with its broken blades and sputtering sounds signalling unwanted downtime. Your attempt to conquer an unwieldy patch of growth has undermined your entire process.

Hillside Tractors Australia recognises the need for efficiency. Our clients must quickly complete every operation to ensure their continued success, and a sudden mulcher breakdown creates unwanted complications. To counter those complications, we offer scrub claws for sale in Brisbane. This exclusive attachment promises improved performance and decreased downtimes, allowing operators to fulfil every task. To learn more schedule a private consultation with our team today.

Using the Scrub Claw in Brisbane

Since 2004 we’ve provided our clients with an ever-growing collection of hillside tractors and remote mowers. We’ve also provided them with innovative technology – such as scrub claws in Brisbane. These patent-pending options allow users to more efficiently adapt to their environments, offering seamless mulcher compatibility and enhanced performance.

By choosing a scrub claw for sale in Brisbane, our clients can defend against downtimes. It reduces the effects of brambles, branches, and other debris through:

  • Dragging – scrub claws in Brisbane carefully drag unwanted (and potentially damaging) elements into open spaces. They then efficiently disperse them to limit their impacts on mulchers.
  • Pulling – scrub claws for sale in Brisbane boast immense pulling power, allowing them to detach brambly bushes from every obstacle effortlessly. Scrub claws ensure more efficient dispersals and lessen the chance of unwanted contact with rocks or trees.
  • Removals – to combat the spread of weeds and shrubs, a scrub claw in Brisbane can remove bushes (including their root systems), leaving the area free of unwanted growths.
  • Retrievals – the unique design of a scrub claw for sale in Brisbane enables operators to retrieve debris (such as rocks or branches) quickly. It offers finger-like extensions that comb through vegetation, allowing for both the identification and removal of obstacles.

With these functions, our scrub claws in Brisbane protect mulchers against damage. They clear all acreage and reduce the chance for breakdowns – which is crucial for companies. No longer suffer through lost time.

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Our patent-pending scrub claw in Brisbane offers effortless support. It’s not alone in its efforts, however. We’ve instead paired it with a variety of in-house technologies, such as:

  • The Agilator 4-in-1 Bucket: an enhanced skid steer loader that promotes hillside operations.
  • The Trax-Glide System: a load-share system that increases traction without increasing weight to ensure stability.

When used in conjunction with scrub claws for sale in Brisbane, these options maximise every operation.

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