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The risk is too big – with the terrain rising sharply, a swell of tall grass and thorny undergrowths. You can’t manoeuvre through these acres. They would send your traditional mower toppling. This situation leaves you at a sudden standstill, with none of your current equipment able to (safely) accommodate this series of hills and divots.

Hillside Tractors Australia recommends seeking a more stable alternative. Since 2004 we’ve provided our clients with powerful technology, delivering remote control mowers to Sunshine Coast. These platforms adapt to every terrain, with their electro-hydraulic proportional distributors yielding steady performance. Remote control mowers allow safe work cultures, catering to a variety of industries and tasks. To learn more contact us today.

Seek a Remote Control Mower in Sunshine Coast

Safety is the cornerstone of every operation. You strive to protect both yourself and your team, maintaining meticulous environments and relying on quality equipment. A remote mower in Sunshine Coast, therefore, proves an ideal addition to your company.

These machines promise optimal results on hillsides, escarpments, and mountainous areas – blending hydraulic performance with intuitive drive consoles to ensure automatic crawler responses. Each remote control mower in Sunshine Coast assesses and then adapts to the changing inclines, utilising a series of custom attachments to provide maximum maintenance. These accessories include:

  • Optional Tracks – pair remote control mowers in Sunshine Coast with a variety of tracks. Steel greeks cater to sharp embankments, while high-density rubber bottoms adjust to mixed environments (such as loose or hard-packed soil).
  • Green Maintenance Tools – a remote mower in Sunshine Coast is perfect for all green maintenance needs. These options offer several customisable blades (such as stump grinders, forestry head rotors, and multi-purpose shredders) to ensure smooth performance with every acre.
  • Winter Maintenance Tools – summer isn’t the only season that demands lawn maintenance. Winter also creates a series of tasks, which a remote mower can now address. Take advantage of snow cutters, plough-shares, and crossing brushes for seamless results in all conditions.
  • Earthmoving Tools – redefine the terrain with a remote control mower in Sunshine Coast. These options cater to all earthmoving needs, offering shovel attachments, catenaries, and custom blades.
  • Agricultural Processing Tools – the agricultural field boasts many demands. Fulfil each with a remote machine, utilising atomisers, sprayers, and haymaking bars to expedite every operation.

Through these functions, remote control mowers in Sunshine Coast enable you to combat every hilltop and sudden drop safely.

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Some acres defy expectations and traditional equipment alike – forcing you to seek new maintenance solutions. A remote mower in Sunshine Coast is the most viable of these solutions, enabling you to quickly and efficiently navigate the area.

Allow us to highlight the value of these machines. Schedule an appointment to visit our outdoor showroom and prepare to experience remote power. We’ll happily introduce you to our collection of remote mowers and allow you to sample the convenience of automated performance.