The Benefits of Using Mulching Mower Machines for Clearing Grass, Brush or Other Growth on Your Farm

Using a mulching mower attachment for a tractor is one of the most effective ways of dealing with grass, brush and other overgrown plants on a farm. Not only can this type of mower effectively clear land for pasture or crop planting, but it can also help preserve and enhance the health of the land itself. For farmers and other agricultural professionals, the benefits of mulching make it the ideal means of clearing land for any purpose—especially compared to slashing machines.

How Does a Mulching Machine Work?

A mulching mower works by using multiple blades—usually at least 20—to break down grass, brush and other plant matter. These blades then rotate on a horizontal axis. Together, these processes chop grass and vegetation into very small and very fine pieces, before distributing it evenly around the area where the grass and vegetation is being cut. In other words, they turn the grass and plant matter into mulch.

The word ‘mulch’ refers to a material that can insulate, protect and treat soil. Large grass clippings do not automatically qualify as mulch because they do not often even reach the soil. Instead, larger and less fine grass clippings sit on top of the recently cut grass, slowly dying and turning brown. Most slashers result in this kind of scenario, where healthy grass is overlaid with dead and decaying grass—not an ideal outcome in terms of either aesthetics or overall grass and soil health.

A mulching machine, meanwhile, slices grass clippings so small and fine that they fall more easily to the soil surface beneath the grass. The way that mulchers distribute clippings more evenly than slashers also helps in this regard. In turn, the clippings play the role of mulch, treating the soil by releasing water and vital nutrients back into it. Properly mulched grass can actually play the role of fertiliser for crops and pastures—at least in part—thereby saving money and accomplishing multiple things with one process. Mulched grass clippings also insulate the soil, keeping it cool in a way that protects surrounding plant life.

Finding the Right Mulching Mower for Your Farm

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While the benefits of mulching are universal, it is important to note that not all mulching mower machines are equal. Especially when dealing with long grass or wild clumps of vegetation—not uncommon when preparing new plots of land for pasture or farming purposes—a cheaper mulcher might not be able to slice the grass as finely or quickly as is necessary. Using a mulcher to try to clear land where the brush is extremely overgrown can sometimes leave behind unsightly clumps of grass and other vegetative debris.

At Hillside Tractors Australia, we stock an array of mulching machines—many of which are specifically designed to tackle overgrown areas. Farms that need to be able to mulch overgrown pasture areas without leaving behind damaging clumps of grass can shop with Hillside to find the industrial grade mowers they need. Contact us today to learn more.