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Are you trying to do serious commercial or industrial work in Sunshine Coast? You’ll want to have the right tools for the job. That’s where a forklift can come in handy. Forklifts are highly versatile tools that allow you to lift heavy or otherwise awkward items easily, which can come in handy on a farm or in a warehouse. They can also be pretty expensive, though, making it somewhat difficult to invest in a forklift if you’re running an independent business—like a farm. You might have a tractor available, but a tractor isn’t going to help you lift things the way a forklift can—or is it?

It’s possible to get attachments for a tractor that can effectively convert it to a working forklift. In Sunshine Coast, you can accomplish this by paying a visit to Hillside Tractors Australia, a well-established company that provides a wide variety of farming and outdoor maintenance vehicles to customers throughout the region. Established in 2004 as Glasshouse Tractors, we’ve got plenty of experience helping farmers and other professionals find the equipment they need to perform exceptional work, whether it involves ploughing fields or lifting objects up to hard to reach areas.

The Right Equipment for State of the Art Forklifts in Sunshine Coast

We’re not talking about some kind of two-bit jerry-rigged adapter for your tractor—we’re talking about an attachment that turns it into a useful, high quality forklift, suitable for many different professional uses. Our iLmer forklift attachments come in several different versions, each suited to various tasks. For instance, the K2-D is designed for fruit farming and viticulture (the production of grapes). The ECO, on the other hand, is more appropriate for industrial applications. Still, either one can transform your tractor from a machine built for ploughing the fields into a multi-purpose utility vehicle that can help you do more on your farm without having to purchase a brand new vehicle.

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Our forklifts for sale in Sunshine Coast can help you expand operations on your farm, or use your tractor in warehouses in addition to their traditional outdoor functions. All our iLmer forklifts are designed to combine seamlessly with reversible console tractors too, so you won’t have to do an additional amount of work getting them connected.

Best of all, though, the products we sell are highly durable and long lasting—many of them never need to be replaced over the course of a lifetime, and our customers are extremely reluctant to part with them even after years and years of service. That’s why we like to say we sell tractors (and other kinds of equipment) for life. When you’re ready to get the absolute most out of your tractor, consider turning it into a forklift and maximising the potential of both your land and your equipment. Call us, and we’ll be more than happy to give you all the details you need.