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It’s a series of crates – all stuffed with fresh produce and all needing to be carefully stacked. They will soon make their way across the country, destined for shops and homes alike. First, however, they must transition from the field to the truck, and this is no simple task. Their heavy weights and delicate goods require precision, and you find yourself in need of a forklift.

Hillside Tractors Australia wishes to fulfil that need. Since 2004 we’ve connected those within the agricultural, viticultural, and industrial industries with the performance options they deserve – offering forklifts for sale in Brisbane. Through our extensive collection of Ilmer and Aedes machines, we promote efficient results and ensure that our clients can easily accommodate every hauling demand. To learn more contact us today.

Discover the Convenience of Buying a Forklift in Brisbane

Limitations too often define your work culture – with both your hillside and console tractors unable to complete every task. They lack the manoeuvrability, flexibility, and strength needed for heavy-duty jobs. Choosing forklifts in Brisbane, therefore, is essential. These options blend hydraulic performance with smooth lateral movements, allowing them to fulfil all hauling, stacking, and retrieval requirements quickly.

We offer forklifts for sale in Brisbane. Our selection of quality platforms lets us cater to a variety of industries and operational demands, with each option providing:

  • Sustainable Strength – all forklifts in Brisbane must often perform complex and repetitive tasks. Durable construction is, therefore, essential. These machines feature elements like maintenance-free combination bearings and high-quality plastic to ensure long-lasting results.
  • Industry Standards – each forklift in Brisbane is designed to the highest EU and AU standards, promoting compliance for all industrial, commercial, or agricultural fields.
  • Customisable Functions – adapt to every demand with a series of customisable options, such as adjustable point positions and adjustable tilt cylinders.
  • Available Accessories – complete every task with ease, relying on a variety of forklift accessories (including box clamps, lateral fixation blades, valve overcentres, small case fixings, trolleys, and bin tippers).

Through these values, our forklift machines for sale in Brisbane ensure effective results. They also provide convenience, with their streamlined controls allowing operators to attach them to every tractor quickly. Features like electro-proportional joysticks and link-arm chains promise simplicity, sparing operators time-demanding installations. No longer struggle with connectivity. Instead, experience speed and precision with every task.

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The need for quality defines you – with every piece of equipment carefully assessed, measured, and tested. We understand this, knowing that all forklifts in Brisbane must meet your high standards. Put those standards to the test at our outdoor showroom.

We offer a 50-acre farm, allowing our clients to sample the performance capabilities of every tractor, mulcher, and forklift. Test our Ilmer and Aedes options to see which offers the greatest value for your company.

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