What is the ‘Trax-Glide’ System?

The patented Trax-Glide Dual Axis Load Share System (patent pending) works on mowers or implements with front and rear rollers or wheels. It allows you to adjust the weight transfer independently from the front and rear of the implement, allowing the implement to float up and down. This also allows the mulcher to change angles for increasing or decreasing countours. Any implements with side shift will work effortlessly with the Trax-Glide System even when side shifting in the up hill direction, ensuring the tractor commands the implement where to go, as opposed to the implement commanding the tractor. Please contact us to see whether this option is available for your hillside or orchard machine.

Why Hillside Tractors? What is the difference between hillside tractors and conventional tractors?

A conventional tractor has a one piece chassis where the engine and front chassis rails sit above the axle pivot point, whereas a compact Hillside Tractor consists of a 2-piece chassis with a central oscillation point, thus making it safer and more stable. Please watch the video below for further explanation.

What is ‘Load share’?

Load share has two key benefits. Please listen to the video below…

It looks so small. How could it possibly do the job?

Don’t be deceived by its size! Being compact in physical size makes the tractor more manoeuvrable. Being lightweight (not carrying dead weight as they are more balanced). They start heavy on the steer axle, so after you add the implement on the rear end, they become extremely well balanced.

What is the difference between a slasher and a mulcher?

Both implements cut grass, however, the mulcher cuts the grass finer and leaves it more evenly spread. Mulchers also have the advantage of being closer to the tractor. IE When you turn to the right, it doesn’t swing out the the left as much as a slasher does. In addition to this, the tractor performs better on the slopes as the weight is closer to the tractor. Mulchers also have the option of side shift and have the capacity to handle rocks better as the blades ‘swing up’ in order to clear the rocks.

What about Warranty?

Warranty on both the AGT and BM Tractors is 2 years. For those living interstate, we are happy to discuss warranty options with you, especially service. The beauty of the AGT tractors is that there are no computerised components, which means you are less likely to have problems and any service mechanic will be able to fix it. For all customers, we also have a section of our website dedicated to providing you with all Operators and Spare Parts Manuals (with Part Numbers), as well as instructional and training videos on various components of your tractor.