Now with Optional Agilator Grab attachments...

The Agilator 4 in 1 Rear Mount Bucket Explained – The Features…

You may think  the “Agilator” 4-in-1 bucket is a commercial grade 4in1 just like any other, however, what makes it different is the patented tilt mechanism behind it, allowing it to be mounted via a tractors 3 point linkage.

Sounds simple enough for sure,  so what is so special about it? The Agilator utilizes the lower link pins as the pivot point for the crowd and dump function. This is what makes it so incredibly powerful, stable and agile. You can see it in operation on Youtube, just search “Agilator 4in1”. However, even this video doesn’t show its full potential and capabilities. We have now also started making Agilator “Grab Attachments”, enabling your Agilator bucket to be even more versatile. Check out the pics here.

Any tractor with quick hitch 3PL and enough hydraulic functions can operate the Agilator however, it is ideally suited to a hillside tractor, with reversible console, down pressure on the 3PL, and a few extra  hydraulic functions.

In combination with the right tractor it becomes an amazing machine, capable of tasks that no other machine can do, yet so versatile to perform other tasks as well. So many people think to themselves “I want a tractor, but I would also like a skid steer loader”. Also a lot of people have a skid steer and want to use it to cut grass. For most of these people the AGT Agilator is the ultimate solution.

The hydraulic angling allows the operator to cut a road into a hillside easily and adjust the angle as you work. The hydraulics that give pressure equilization as you close the bucket means that you get the cleanest possible pickup, even just one rock the size of a golf ball can be specifically picked up with the bucket. The operators visibility to the bucket is unparalleled.

The Agilator detaches and reattaches in a matter of seconds, but also the Agilator acts as a tool carrier, in the same way a skid steer operator will grab his levelling bar with his 4in1, the Agilator can grab a host of other implements designed to be grabbed by the Agilator, Giving the operator the ability to change between attachments without leaving the seat. (attachment that would normally connect via the 3 point linkage)

So many people assume a tracked machine will give them the best hillside stability, this couldn’t be further from the truth . When working on slopes with any uneven terrain the tracked machine will end up with a large proportion of track in the air or not carrying any weight. The AGT tractor with its central oscillating chassis keeps 4 wheels evenly on the ground thanks to its massive 15 degrees of oscillation. Combined with radial traction tyres and a relatively high ground clearance means you’ll be amazed where this machine can go.

Only one brand has the ideal characterisitics and features to fully utilize the Agilator and do a host of other tasks that ordinary tractors can’t do, or can’t do as well. It is an incredible machine to see working, it is unique in its field, it is the best quality you can buy and yet at the same time is very simple in the way that it has no computerised components. All this may sound amazing, and it is 


What do the customers say?

One customer in Tasmania who bought the AGT/Agilator was showing me his property and what he intended doing with the tractor. One very steep valley was overgrown with blackberry, he said he wanted to get down there to control the blackberry but would get a guy in with his 20ton excavator to build an access road. I told him we could do it with the AGT/Agilator, he looked at me in disbelief, So I showed him. In no time we had a road you could drive a car down in a valley you couldn’t previously walk down.

Another customer who owned two conventional tractors since he bought his block 2 years earlier, had spent over $50000 on earthworks setting up his property for permaculture. He said, “if only I had discovered the AGT/Agilator earlier I could have done all that work myself” he would have enjoyed doing it, and he would have achieved a better result.

For more information on the AGT Agilator, or make an appointment to see it in action, contact Mark at Hillside Tractors Australia.

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