Efficient solutions for Roadside Maintenance, easement clearing, powerline easement and pipeline mantainence.

BM Tractors are Made in Italy and built to last. Slope rated at 35 degrees*, this 130HP boasts 4-wheel steer, reversible console and is Australia’s largest Hillside Tractor.

Call us today for an inspection and test drive – Some may think it’s ugly, but after just one test drive you’ll think it’s the most beautiful tractor on earth.

*Varies according to the implement used.

Some features include:

Reversible Driving position – Console rotates 180 degrees without leaving the seat

4-wheel steer with selectable modes – Front steer, rear steer, 4-wheel steer and Crab steer

– 18 Speed Hydrostatic

Suitable Mulchers for this machine in stock now.

Call Mark for further information. We look forward to being of service to you.